Creature Suit Analysis Notes
You may have heard about my "Creature Suit Analysis" notes, because they have been viewed now about 60,000 times (a collective count of all the view statistics), and are being mentioned increasingly on other websites and discussion boards. If so, this page references their location. If you are not familiar with them, this page explains what they are and how you can find out more about them.
On the Bigfoot Forum (, also known as the BFF, I have posted thirteen sets of notes as individual threads of discussion, and the forum administrators have pinned the group at the top of the forum section devoted to the analysis of the Patterson Gimlin Film.  People have added comments in the thread (agreeing, disagreeing, and otherwise adding to my notes) and I have additional response notes replying to these people. If you are interested in these notes, I think the best way to appreciate or evaluate them is with the other contributors' comments as well. For that reason, I have chosen to leave the notes in that forum and I am not duplicating them on this new website, as long as that forum is willing to host them. It seems to me all interested persons would benefit from a continuity of location and those with other websites who have already linked to these notes will similarly benefit by having their links stay connected.
The Direct Link to the Notes List is HERE
Another option is to go to the Notes Index Page, HERE, which explains what the notes cover and allows you to go directly to that particular set of notes.
I have, however, copied my various charts or study images here in one grouping (since they are sort of scattered about in the various note groups.) If you are curious about any specific chart or illustration, I have referenced the specific note thread where it was discussed in the Bigfoot Forum. The Chart Index is HERE
On the James Randi Forum (aka JREF), there is a thread on the analysis of the Patterson Gimlin Film as well, and the Randi Forum, if you don't know, is a "skeptical" forum, in that their discussions tend to hold the unusual or speculative ideas up to skeptical analysis, with the intent of debunking myths and revealing hoaxes passing as real occurances. The majority of people posting in this thread are sincerely convinced that the PG Film is a hoax, and thus they debate enthusiastically for that assumption and aggressively against anyone who appears to support the authenticity of the PG Film or the reality of the figure seen in it. And because I have not endorsed the "it's just a cheap fur suit hoax" idea, they have been highly skeptical of me and my notes on the Bigfoot Forum.
I have been a member of that forum as well now since March, 2008, and have had some heated discussions directly with the forum members there about my notes and intentions. I have responded to their criticisms and defended my ideas and position. Their remarks and my replies represent a different way of looking at my notes, but I am sufficiently confident of my position and ideas that I can reference this forum and these discussions without hesitation. My participation begins on page 306 of the thread and continues to the present.
The Direct Link to that thread, page 306, is HERE
Loren Coleman's "Cryptomundo" website blog has also mentioned my notes and my work, in various blog entries. If you would like to explore these, I can simply suggest going to the site and using their index or search capabilities. Cryptomundo Index link is HERE
Melissa Hovey's "Search for Bigfoot" blog has also referenced my work, and Melissa has interviewed me twice for webcast interviews  on the Bigfoot subject and my work and notes. Link to her blog is HERE
And "Let's Talk Bigfoot" webcasts have done two interviews with me (one with Melissa as noted above, and one with Teresa and Kathy, as a second interview.) A link to their podcast archives is HERE
Florida Bigfoot Research Group has also referenced my notes and the link to them is HERE.